Problems that large casting manufacturers should pay attention to

What are the characteristics of the material of large-scale foundry machine tool castings: the size of the castings of the machine tool body is large, up to several meters in length; the quality can reach more than 10t, and the wall thickness is 15~30mm. The requirements are: good precision stability and shock absorption, high modulus of elasticity, suitable compressive strength, moderate hardness and excellent wear resistance; good casting properties required in the process, high It is resistant to deformation and easy to cut, and requires lower production costs, such as melting in a cupola, using a smaller amount of alloying elements.

Castings of large casting factories are metal molded articles obtained by various casting methods, that is, the smelted liquid metal is injected into the pre-prepared mold by pouring, injecting, inhaling or other casting method, and then cooled and then polished. After the processing means, the obtained object has a certain shape, size and performance.

Large casting foundry machine tool castings have good process performance. Because gray cast iron has a high carbon content and is close to the eutectic composition, the melting point is relatively low, the fluidity is good, and the shrinkage rate is small, so it is suitable for casting complex or thin-walled castings.

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