How does the precision casting industry achieve a gorgeous turn?

One of the criteria for determining whether a country's foundry industry is strong is based on the level of precision casting, so China's foundry industry has to complete a gorgeous turn, in order to become a casting power, we must give priority to the development of precision casting.
In recent years, China's precision casting production has made great progress, and China has become a major manufacturer of precision casting. The rapid growth of China's industrial level is closely related to the development of the foundry industry. Casting is the foundation of all industries. Without the support of the foundry industry, the dream of cars entering China's millions of families is almost impossible. The revitalization of a country's industry is inseparable from advanced manufacturing technology, and casting should undoubtedly rank first in advanced manufacturing technology. Therefore, the level of casting technology has become an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, and it is also the key to a country's industrial development level.
China is a big country rather than a foundry power. It is an indisputable fact. At present, China's foundry industry is marching toward a new step of casting a strong country. To promote the development of the casting industry, it is a key to develop a precision casting.
Precision casting is one of the world's foundry industries. Some people in the world use the development status of precision casting technology to classify the casting level of a country. Therefore, precision casting is also the representative of the development status of casting productivity. To promote the development of China's precision casting industry, it It should advance to the following four goals.
China's precision casting and casting technology has many gaps in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection, in addition to many factories and many employees. It is reported that the current development of precision casting technology in industrialized countries in the world has roughly four goals. China's precision casting industry should also be close to these four aspects:
2. Shorten the delivery time;
1. Improve the quality and reliability of castings and produce high-quality near-final castings;
4. Reduce production costs.
3. Protect the environment, reduce or even eliminate pollution;
China's precision casting is still unable to achieve these goals. To make China's precision casting industry reach the world's advanced level, we must proceed from the reality of China to promote the development of precision casting industry as soon as possible.

Improving the quality and yield of castings, shortening delivery time, saving energy and reducing emissions, and reducing costs are not only the efforts of China's tight casting industry, but also the common goal of the world's precision casting industry. Whoever can achieve the goal first, who can seize the commanding heights of the industry

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