How to clean up mining machinery casting

Mining machinery casting casting cleaning is one of the necessary production processes for any foundry. In addition to casting types such as size, shape, weight and production speed, capacity requirements, etc., there are other considerations that affect the choice of shot blasting machine. Various modeling lines produce thousands of casting types and configurations that match a variety of cooling and falling sand methods. All of these upstream processes can affect cleaning requirements. In addition to downstream production, such as the end user's opinion of the casting will also affect the foundry's choice of shot blasting equipment.

When the mining machinery is casted, the gas emerging from the mold should be ignited in time to avoid the occurrence of pores due to the helium gas in the mold, and damage to human health and air pollution due to incomplete combustion of the gas. The pouring speed should be selected correctly, that is, it should be poured slowly at the beginning, which is convenient for aligning the gate, reducing the impact of molten metal on the sand type and facilitating gas discharge; then quickly pouring to prevent cold separation; it should be slowly poured before it is poured, that is, follow The principle of slow, fast, and slow. The ladle, pouring tool, inoculant for blasting treatment, spheroidizing agent, etc. must be fully dried before use and can be used after drying.

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