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How to judge the quality of steel wire drawing machine?

Nowadays, there are many types of equipment involved in the steel wire drawing machine industry. Common steel wire drawing machines include water tank type steel wire drawing machine, straight-type steel wire drawing machine, pulley steel wire drawing machine, inverted steel wire drawing machine, etc. It is applied to the processing of copper wire, stainless steel wire and other metal cable materials, which is an extremely important processing equipment in the cable manufacturing industry. With the continuous development of variable frequency speed regulation technology, variable frequency speed governors have been widely used in the steel wire drawing machine industry. They are responsible for wire drawing speed regulation, tension winding, and multi-level synchronous control. The application of frequency converters has greatly improved the steel bar. The automation level and processing capacity of wire drawing machines have effectively reduced the unit energy consumption and maintenance costs of the equipment, and have been widely recognized by the industry. However, the quality of steel wire drawing machines is still uneven.


So how to judge the quality of the steel wire drawing machine? We think that you can generally judge by the following three points:


1. Pay-off: For the entire wire drawing machine, the wire is not controlled with high accuracy requirements. For most steel wire drawing machines, the pay-off operation is realized by the drive-driven pay-off frame. However, there are also some steel wire drawing machines controlled by double frequency conversion, and even directly drawn into the steel wire drawing machine through the wire tension of the wire drawing link, so as to realize free winding.


2. Wire drawing: wire drawing is the most important part of wire drawing machine. Different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, the drawing process is very different.


3. Take-up: The working speed of the take-up link determines the production efficiency of the entire wire drawing machine, and it is also the most difficult part of the entire system to control. In the take-up part, the commonly used control technologies are synchronous control and tension control to achieve the winding of metal products.


Compared with the past, the latest regulations for the operation of steel bar straighteners introduced in 2012 have been amended in the following areas:

I. Installation and commissioning

1.The steel bar straightening machine should be installed on a flat and solid ground.

2. When installing the load-bearing frame, the center of the load-bearing material trough should be aligned with the guide cylinder, straighten the cylinder, cut the knife hole or cut the centerline of the gear groove, and keep it straight.

3. After the machine is installed, it is necessary to check the electrical wiring and parts for damage, whether the connection parts of the machine are reliable, and whether each transmission part is flexible. After confirming that there is no error, test operation can be performed.

4. Run the machine first, check whether the bearings (focus on the straightening cylinder bearings), hammer, cutter or shear gear are working properly. Only after confirming that there is no abnormal condition, the material can be fed, and the experiment can be straightened and cut off.


2. Safety precautions during operation


1. According to the diameter of the straightened steel bar, select the appropriate straightening speed, traction wheel groove and rotation speed. The diameter of the straightening block is 2.5 mm larger than the diameter of the reinforcing bar, and the groove width of the traction wheel is the same as the diameter of the straightened reinforcing bar.


2. Straightening block adjustment: Generally, there are five straightening blocks in the straightening cylinder. First make the steel bar offset by an offset of about 3 millimeters. After straightening, if the steel bar is still bent, you can gradually increase the offset until it is straightened.


3. After cutting three or four steel bars, stop the machine and check whether the length is appropriate. If the length deviates, you can adjust the limit switch or fixed-size board.


4. A 1m long steel pipe should be installed at the front of the guide tube. The straightened steel bars should pass through the steel pipe and then into the guide tube and a straightening tube to prevent each plate of steel bar from popping out and hurting people when the straightening is completed.

5. The straightening block is not fixed, and the steel bar must not be penetrated before the protective cover is not covered to prevent the straightening block from flying out and hurting people after the machine is started.

6. After the reinforcement is penetrated, keep a certain distance between the hand and the traction wheel.

7. During the straightening process of the steel bar, in order to prevent the environment from being polluted by the flying iron oxide scale, corresponding dust prevention measures should be taken.

In addition, it also emphasized that during the operation of the steel bar straightening machine, attention should be paid to the safety of electricity.


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