How to use cylindrical positioning pin

First, the standard of cylindrical positioning pin
1) GB/T 879.2-2000
2) ISO 8753
3) JIS B 2808
4) DIN 7346
5) ASME B18.8.2
6) Other national or industry standards
Second, the definition of elastic cylindrical positioning pin
The elastic cylindrical positioning pin, also known as the spring pin, is a cylindrical body with no head and hollow, axially slotted, and the ends of the two ends are chamfered for positioning, connecting and fixing between parts; it needs to have good elasticity and Shear resistance, the outer diameter of such pins is slightly larger than the assembly aperture.
Third, the use of cylindrical positioning pin
Cylindrical locating pins are suitable for positioning as well as for connection. There are several different tolerance requirements for the diameter to meet different fitting requirements; the pin hole needs to be reamed, and the pin positioning accuracy and connection tightness are reduced after repeated disassembly and assembly, and can only be used to transmit a small load. The internal thread of the internal thread cylindrical positioning pin is for disassembly and assembly. The positioning accuracy of the threaded cylindrical positioning pin is low, and it is suitable for occasions where the precision is not high. The elastic cylindrical positioning pin has elasticity. After being inserted into the pin hole, it is pressed against the hole wall, which is not easy to loosen. The precision of the pin hole is low. The interchangeable hole can be disassembled and assembled multiple times, and the rigidity is poor. It is not suitable for high-precision positioning. It is suitable for occasions with impact and vibration. It can be used instead of some split pins, cylindrical positioning pins, pins or tapered pins. The perforated pin and pin can be locked with a split pin for easy disassembly and fit on the hinge.
Fourth, the nature of the cylindrical positioning pin
The structure is simple, the neutrality is good, the bearing capacity is high, and the load-changing and impact performance are good, but the processing precision of the mating surface is required to be high.
The disassembly and assembly force is large, which will scratch the mating surface and belong to the non-detachable connection. When the interference is not large or hydraulically assembled, the connection is also detachable.

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