Introduction of hardware shrapnel

1. Manipulating the movement of the tissue
Use the elastic force of the metal shrapnel to maintain the contact between the parts to control the movement of the tissue, such as valve hardware shrapnel in the internal combustion engine, brakes, clutches, cam tissue, control hardware shrapnel in the governor, safety hardware shrapnel on the safety valve, etc. .
2. Flat cushioning and absorption oscillation
Use metal shrapnel deformation to absorb energy during impact and oscillation, such as cushioning hardware shrapnel on vehicles and forging equipment, and shock absorbing hardware shrapnel in couplings.
3. Storage and output energy
The energy stored in the metal shrapnel is used for work, such as wall clock hardware shrapnel, gun bolt hardware shrapnel, and metal shrapnel in the active machine tool that actively returns to the equipment.
4. Measuring the size of the force

Use the characteristics of the linear deformation of the metal shrapnel and its accepted load to measure the size of the load, such as the force gauge, the metal shrapnel scale, the hardware shrapnel in the engine dynamometer, and so on.

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