Introduction of magnesium alloy Die casting technology

1. The concept of magnesium alloy die-casting: The magnesium alloy die-casting process is basically the same as the traditional aluminum alloy die-casting process. There are two main differences. First, due to the lower heat capacity of magnesium alloys, injection molding systems for Die casting machines are required to provide sufficient energy to meet the requirements of fast filling. Secondly, from the perspective of safety and material loss, magnesium alloy casting systems need to be equipped with a dedicated gas protection furnace. The shielding gas is used to prevent oxidation of the surface of the molten pool, and the furnace ensures that the magnesium liquid is directly and quantitatively poured at a specific temperature.

2. Magnesium alloy die-casting process: According to the pouring amount required for die-casting parts, the injection pump is injected into the injection molding chamber through the quantitative pump and the conveying pipe. According to the low heat capacity requirement, the magnesium alloy is selected to have a reasonable rapid injection speed → compared with the aluminum alloy die-casting , the mold cavity needs to fill faster. After a relatively short solidification, the mold can be opened.

3. Characteristics and advantages of magnesium alloy Die casting

A. Due to the excellent fluidity of magnesium alloys, it is possible to produce parts that are more complex and thinner than aluminum alloy die-casting.

Magnesium alloys have good thermal conductivity and metal electromagnetic protection properties, and are more suitable for electronic industry products than other alloys.

C, magnesium resources are inexhaustible, inexhaustible.

The added material can be recycled.

E, sound insulation and vibration damping performance.

F, the specific gravity is about two-thirds of the aluminum alloy.

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