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Introduction to machining tools

Tool is an indispensable machining tool in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tool. Cutting tools include both cutting tools and abrasive tools; at the same time, in addition to cutting blades, "NC cutting tools" also include some accessories such as tool holders and tool holders!

According to the tool structure, it can be divided into:
Integral type: the cutter is a whole, manufactured from a blank, without splitting;
Welding type: Welding method is used to connect the cutter head and cutter rod;
Machine clamp type: Machine clamp type can be divided into non-indexable and indexable two types; usually CNC tool uses machine clamp type!
Special types: such as compound tools, shock-absorbing tools, etc.

The materials used for cutting tools can be divided into the following:
High speed steel cutter
Cemented carbide cutters;
Diamond tool
ceramic knife;
From the cutting process can be divided into:
Turning tools, including external, internal, thread, cutting, grooving tools, etc .;
Drilling tools, including drills, reamer, taps, etc .;
Boring tool
Milling tools, etc.

According to the above, according to the material of the processed part, the material cutter that is more suitable for cutting this material is selected to ensure the machining life of the cutter, thereby achieving the maximum production efficiency.

Turning tools:

Specific applications:

● CVD-coated cermet for finishing, a new impetus to improve production efficiency! Fusion cermet and CVD coating for high-speed processing;

● The CVD coating material for steel processing challenges long life, and CVD coating is used to improve wear resistance. Excellent chipping resistance, both fusion resistance and chipping resistance;

● Positive angle inserts and chip breakers for aluminum finishing improve the chip processing performance of aluminum finishing. Sharp blade tip combined with DLC coating to suppress burrs;

● The series of CVD coating materials for cast iron flashes the light of rose gold, combined with the special chipbreaker cutter series for cast iron, the ultimate cast iron processing

● Material for processing difficult-to-cut materials such as heat-resistant alloys, titanium alloys, and stainless steel, which can suppress sudden chipping and achieve stable processing of difficult-to-cut materials in black skin and intermittent processing Has excellent abrasion resistance and heat resistance, special hard alloy base material for titanium alloy processing to achieve long life processing;

● The chipbreaker for copying has high productivity in copying of various shapes. Achieve high stability in profiling and V-groove machining where chip processing is difficult;

● The grinding chipbreaker for inner diameter processing can control the special shape of the chip discharge direction. The grinding chipbreaker can be used in combination with a special cutter bar to improve the inner diameter processing problem;

Milling tools:

Specific applications:

● Three-blade end mills can complete the triple machining operations of plunge milling, groove and finishing High efficiency, long life, and perfect surface processing. The deep grooves can divide the chips generated during the milling process

● Four-edge high-feed end mills achieve excellent vibration resistance and unique cutting shapes for stable cutting discharge performance. Right-angle type and round-angle type select the appropriate shape according to the processed product;

● The ball end mill has the characteristics of long life and stable machining, and has good cutting performance for special groove shapes. Large-capacity grooving achieves stable cutting discharge. R tolerance ± 0.005 blade shape can be processed with high precision;

● Double-sided 6-tip specification 90 ° milling cutter with large forward tilt angle resistance is smaller. * Strong anti-vibration ability, thicker design blade has better chipping resistance. The non-directional division can not only perform end face processing, but also vertical processing;

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