Introduction to precision casting

No matter what kind of steel products are manufactured in the foundry, they should be extra careful. Otherwise, the precision steel pipes produced are unqualified products, they cannot be sold, and they are sold. The shortcomings of precision steel pipes are also very prone to problems when they are used, so we should pay great attention to these problems when we are casting.

Quality control in the production process. The complexity of the precision casting process determines the “three inspections” system for the first inspection, inspection and completion inspection of each process in each production process of the foundry. First, the control fails and it is transferred to the next process. In order to ensure that the quality of the castings meets the technical requirements for delivery acceptance, it must be inspected in accordance with the casting drawing, investment casting precision casting technical standards and the contract between the supplier and the buyer. The inspection mainly includes appearance quality inspection, internal quality inspection and other quality inspection.

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