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With the prevalence of globalization, globalization of manufacturing has become a trend. Manufacturing giants or Fortune 500 companies have established production bases in China, outsourcing a large number of products. How to choose the right machine shop or machining vendor (or Mechanical shop)? Deshengrui Machinery has the successful experience through cooperation with various well-known companies, now we share the requirements of well-known companies for factory audit and factory assessment.

1. Follow the below 12 Tips, it can help you to select excellent machining vendor or suitable suppliers. You need to evaluate when choosing and selecting a supplier.

TIP1. Does the supplier or machining vendor have the manufacturing capabilities you need?

Machining Vendor's equipment and team of engineers are the foundation for your desired product.

TIP 2. Does the machine shop have rapid capabilities?

Especially in the new product development stage, the ability to quickly respond to new prototype is the key factor for you to win the the fast changing and competitive market.

TIP 3. Is there a minimum order requirement?

Does the supplier or machining vendor have a minimum order quantity?

TIP 4. Does CNC machine shop has the level of quality control you need?

Does the machining vendor perform quality control in full compliance with ISO 9001 or TS 16949?

TIP 5. Does machining vendor have expertise in packaging and international logistics?

If the supplier or machining vendor has the rich expericence of international logistics and well package, many things will be easily for you. Then Suppliers can do DDU or DDP prices.

TIP 6. Does the supplier provide warranty service?

How long is the supplier or machining vendor's warranty on the product?

TIP 7. Does the CNC machine shop value quality and precision?

Find supplier website introductions and communicate specific accuracy during project negotiations, including direct on-site visits.

TIP 8. Does the machining vendor have industry expertise?

If a suitable supplier has experience in the same or similar industry, it is more likely to meet your quality requirements. If the machining vendor currently produces products in the same industry as yours, then the machining vendor has relevant knowledge in this area. For example, manufacturers of lamps know that the lamps have extremely high requirements for appearance, so they need to protect the parts very well when processing the surface and plating. If you are in the lighting industry, then suppliers who often produce lighting products are worthy of your trust.

TIP 9. Does the supplier or machining vendor support the design process technical department?

High-end machining suppliers will have a professional team of engineers, on the one hand, constantly optimize the process to maximize efficiency. On the other hand, by improving the product, the price-performance ratio of the product is improved. Machining manufacturers with an excellent team of engineers have a great effect on the development of new products and the continuous improvement of products.

TIP 10. Does the supplier or machining vendor maintain quality stability and can meet future challenges?

Without an established quality management system (QMS) that complies with ISO 9001, no machining vendor can meet the most complex situation. In addition, the IATF 16949 standard is designed to be implemented as a supplement and used in conjunction with ISO 9001: 2015 to help ensure that products consistently meet requirements and improve quality on a regular basis. For example, passing VDA 6.3 indicates that the factory has a better understanding of automotive processing, or is interested in engaging in the automotive industry. Suppliers not only need to emphasize current quality stability, but also reduce potential future risks through a series of methods. For example, upgrading production lines through automation and reducing manual intervention through robotic operations is also a favorable investment method to improve quality stability.

TIP 11. Is the supplier or machining vendor willing to have a lasting relationship?

Suppliers are willing to establish long-term cooperative relationships, and providing long-term quality assurance for the products produced by the factory is also an important consideration factor.

TIP 12. Verified records or recommendations can better understand the quality of suppliers

By knowing the machining vendor's customers, and cooperation way, you can understand the machining vendor's attitude and ability to serve customers. Or it is also a very good way to recommend it from friends in the same industry. Because this is a quick way to identify good suppliers.

2.  There are 4 options for manufacturing suppliers for your reference for choosing a machining vendor.

1.Trader or Service provider

Service providers usually have a wide selection of manufacturing technologies, and the best service providers provide a full range of services, such as injection molding, CNC processing, and die casting.

Quality control: They usually have better control plans, inspection reports and processes

Lead Time: With extremely high response speed, able to respond to your order immediately

Quantity: Depending on the quantity and difficulty.

Production cost: varies, but may be higher than some small processing plants. However, service providers understand the competitive environment and prices accordingly.

2. Small mechanical workshop

These vendors are usually smaller and more specialized. The machining shop may be the best in its core expertise, but not otherwise;

Quality control: A wide range of suppliers, often depending on expertise. Strict process management is often lacking.

Lead Time: It should be fast and competitive when there is capacity, but the pixel speed is not fast when busy.

Quantity: As machining shops tend to be small, capacity constraints may exist.

Production costs: For complex parts, prices may be more expensive

3. Medium-sized Machine shop

The factory is located between large and small factories, with strict process management and good team.

Quality control: Strong expertise. Strict process management is often lacking.

Lead Time: fast and competitive, but not fast during busy times. Equipment needs to be added to address capacity issues.

Quantity: Capacity constraints may exist during peak season.

Production cost: For large orders and small orders, there are better processing methods. Cost is therefore optimal.

4. Professional large Machining Vendor

High-volume factories can reduce part prices while running thousands of parts. Upfront engineering costs can be high. These vendors often dislike prototyping because they are not cost effective.

Quality control: Usually very good. There are usually strict process controls.

Lead Time: Normally good and predicts a large number of transactions. If the supplier has to buy equipment to produce your parts, it can cause delays.

Quantity: Large customers are preferred

Production costs: Since the focus is on efficient operations, the higher the output, the better the cost. However, if you only need tens or hundreds of parts, they will be more expensive.

5. Corporation Internal production

Internal production provides a convenient way for the factory to become self-sufficient. However, this convenience comes at the cost of high costs. Generally speaking, it is only suitable for product development and not suitable for mass production.

Quality control: usually very good

Lead Time: Internal workshops typically run at full load speeds, resulting in long lead times.

Quantity: Due to limited capacity and expertise, work is usually performed in smaller quantities.

Production costs: Prices may be more expensive when parts are produced in-house

Deshengrui is currently a medium-sized manufacturer. We produce not only high-volume products, but we also provide small-volume services for some small-volume customers, and provide rapid response in product production and test samples.

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