Machine things you don't know

Regarding machining, what else do we not understand? In order to avoid the small problems that are not easy to find in daily work, we can see what else we don’t understand.

First, the machining process

Machining production processes include transportation and storage of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, processing and heat treatment of parts, and assembly and debugging of products. Through machining, the shape, size and performance of raw materials can be changed to make them into a finished product. This process, also called the process, consists of one or several sequential processes.

Second, the first is the commonly used equipment for machining

Including digital milling machine, digital forming grinding machine, digital display lathe, EDM machine, universal grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machine, precision lathe and other equipment, these equipment can be used for precision parts of the car, milling, planing, grinding and other processing Its processing accuracy can reach 2um.

Third, the precautions of machining
1. It is necessary to facilitate the processing operation and minimize unnecessary bending and squatting.
2. Positioning should be accurate and reliable to prevent vibration and cause errors.
3. The moving direction of the equipment operating parts and the moving direction of the operated parts should meet the specified requirements and should be easily marked.
4. Set the necessary interlocking mechanism to prevent uncoordinated movements during operation and cause danger.
5. The structure and arrangement of the handle, handwheel and button should meet the requirements. The general start button should be installed in the casing and equipped with a retaining ring to prevent accidental touch. The shaft should be equipped with an automatic release device.

Fourth, the type of machining production
In machining, production types can usually be divided into three categories:
1. Single-piece production: It is the production of a certain part separately, and there is little repeated production.
2, batch production: is the production of the same parts in batches.
3. Mass production: When the production volume of the product is large, it is necessary to repeat the production of one part frequently.

The process of the part is scheduled, due to the different types of parts produced; therefore, the processing methods, equipment, tools, blanks, and technical requirements are different.

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