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Coring machine has a qualitative leap in machining efficiency and machining accuracy compared to CNC lathes

The coring machine has a qualitative leap in machining efficiency and machining accuracy than CNC lathes. Due to the use of dual-axis tools, the cycle time is greatly reduced. By shortening the tool exchange time between the row cutter and the opposing tool table, multiple tools The table overlap function, the effective axis movement overlap function of the thread chip, and the direct spindle indexing function during the secondary processing can shorten the idling time. The chip cutter is always processed at the clamping position of the spindle and the workpiece, which guarantees a constant machining accuracy. At present, the maximum processing diameter of the coring machine on the market is 38mm, which has a great advantage in the precision shaft processing market. This series of machine tools can be equipped with automatic feeding devices to achieve fully automated production of a single machine tool, reducing labor costs and product failure rates. Ideal for mass production of precision shaft parts.

Compared with conventional CNC machining technology, the outstanding advantages of composite machining are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Shorten the product manufacturing process chain and improve production efficiency. Turn-milling composite processing can realize all or most of the processing procedures in one installation, thereby greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. In this way, on the one hand, the production assistance time caused by the change of the mounting card is reduced, and at the same time, the manufacturing cycle and the waiting time of the tooling fixture are reduced, which can significantly improve the production efficiency.

(2) Reduce the number of clamping times and improve machining accuracy. The reduction of the number of card installations avoids the accumulation of errors caused by the transformation of the positioning reference. At the same time, most of the turning and milling processing equipment has the function of online detection, which can realize the in-situ detection and precision control of key data in the manufacturing process, thereby improving the processing accuracy of the product.

(3) Reduce floor space and production costs. Although the single unit price of turning and milling processing equipment is relatively high, due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment required for the product, as well as the reduction of the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and equipment maintenance costs, it can effectively reduce the overall fixed assets. Cost of investment, production operations and management.

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