What is the difference between machining production methods?

For machining, through the previous study, we can know that it refers to changing the external dimensions of the workpiece or its performance through some mechanical equipment, so as to obtain the desired result or purpose. Then, besides this, in machining, we should also know what is the difference between machining and machining.

Machining, the common way is to car, clamp, milling, planing, inserting, grinding, drilling, boring, punching and sawing. In addition, it may be powder processing, electroplating, wire cutting, casting, forging, electrocorrosion, etc., as well as various heat treatments. Therefore, there are many ways and means.

On this issue, the machining production method is definitely different. If it is a small batch production, it can be milled and milled, etc., but its processing speed is relatively slow, and for mass production, it is a lathe boring. Processing speed is relatively fast.

Machining also has the distinction between cold working and hot working. And, it can be well distinguished from the definition. Machining cold working is generally carried out at room temperature and does not cause physical or chemical changes in the workpiece. In thermal processing, it is not carried out at a normal temperature, and it causes physical or chemical changes in the workpiece. Therefore, the difference between the two processing methods is obvious.

What is the difference between machining production methods? In general, physical and chemical changes in hot and cold processing at room temperature, selection of small and large batch processing technologies, and finished products in the later stage deal with.

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