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Application of automation technology in mechanical manufacturing

With the rapid development of social economy, machinery manufacturing has become an important pillar industry in China's industry. The level of mechanical manufacturing technology directly affects the level of industrial development in China. In the mechanical manufacturing industry, the application of automation technology not only promotes the development of machinery manufacturing, but also improves the efficiency of machinery manufacturing. In this paper, the principle of mechanical automation technology is analyzed, and the application advantages of automation technology in mechanical manufacturing are studied. On the basis of solving the production problems of enterprises and improving the production efficiency of enterprises, the application of automation technology in the machinery manufacturing industry is proposed. Specific measures were carried out.

1. Mechanical automation technology

In the manufacturing process of mechanical manufacturing, mechanical automation technology is very intelligent to realize mechanical manufacturing through automation technology. The application of automation technology in machinery manufacturing has improved the quality and level of mechanical manufacturing products and increased the economic benefits of the machinery manufacturing industry. Automation technology promotes the technical reform of traditional machinery manufacturing, realizes the comprehensive intelligence of enterprise production, improves the reasonable allocation of cost in the process of machinery manufacturing, and achieves the goal of achieving production efficiency. Mechanical automation technology automates the management of information data through automation technology. The way to achieve this is through computer technology as a carrier and computer technology as the main technical support. In the actual mechanical manufacturing, the parameters are reasonably set according to the production requirements by the computer equipment, and then the set parameters are imported into the production equipment of the enterprise, and then the production parameters are subtlely determined according to the actual situation of the production in the production process. Adjustment. In the mechanical manufacturing production, the data formed in the production process is recorded in a real-time manner, and the data is properly managed, so that the mechanical manufacturing production efficiency can be better improved. Mechanical automation technology can realize the automatic operation of equipment and reduce the production cost of machinery manufacturing. Mechanical automation production and traditional machining ratios have greatly improved the quality and production efficiency of the products produced. Mechanical automation can realize online detection and real-time adjustment of the parameters of production equipment in the production process, and improve the overall production capacity of the enterprise. Automated equipment can enable enterprises to obtain greater economic benefits, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, and ensure the sustainable growth of enterprises. Automated handling of materials in mechanical automation technology, through automated production equipment, automatic handling of materials without manual handling. Automated handling of materials is an important application of mechanical automation in the production of enterprises, which improves the efficiency of material handling in production. Mechanical automation technology can identify the type of material, thus avoiding errors during automated handling. In the mechanical manufacturing production, the automation of material handling is that after receiving the system command, the computer automatically carries the material according to the requirements of the instruction information, which saves the cost of the product produced by the enterprise.

2 Advantage analysis of automation technology application in mechanical manufacturing

In the manufacture of machinery, the application of automation technology can not only bring great economic benefits to enterprises, but also enable mechanical manufacturing enterprises to produce strong social benefits. In the machinery manufacturing industry, the application of automation technology to complete production, the production cost can be rationally configured, improve the efficiency of enterprise production, and ensure the quality and level of products produced by enterprises. An advantageous structural diagram of automation technology applications in machine building. In the mechanical manufacturing, the production is completed by the automation technology, which can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost of the enterprise. The artificial production line of the enterprise can be replaced by mechanical automation equipment, and the mechanical automation saves the labor cost of the production. In the early stage of the enterprise, a lot of funds are needed to purchase mechanical automation equipment. Enterprise managers must scientifically manage the procurement and use of mechanical automation equipment, and realize the automation construction of enterprise machinery manufacturing. The machinery manufacturing industry must occupy a competitive advantage in the market and must improve its production efficiency. Only by technology can the company achieve the improvement of the quality of the production products, and then it can have certain advantages in the market competition. The application of automatic technology can improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and apply automation technology in the mass production of enterprise products to reduce the production cost of enterprises. While improving the production efficiency and output of the machinery manufacturing industry, it ensures the quality of the products and fundamentally promotes the healthy development of the enterprise. The application of automation technology in enterprise machinery manufacturing improves the operation of mechanical equipment and ensures the safety of equipment operation. Mechanical automation has the full process monitoring function for mechanical manufacturing, comprehensive monitoring and management of mechanical operation, and monitoring of mechanical operation data, so that the effectiveness of data analysis can be achieved. In the mechanical manufacturing process, the sorting and analysis of the mechanical operation and maintenance data can be used as the data basis to improve the operating efficiency of the mechanical equipment. Therefore, it is very important that the automation technology realizes the monitoring and improvement of the operation status of the mechanical equipment.

3 Research on application of automation technology in mechanical manufacturing

3.1 Application in the assembly system

Mechanical assembly is an important part of mechanical manufacturing, and mechanical assembly must be operated strictly in accordance with the process standards of mechanical manufacturing. In mechanical assembly, if manual operation is used, the efficiency of mechanical assembly is significantly reduced. In the complex assembly environment of mechanical manufacturing, the manual assembly method can no longer meet the basic needs of mechanical manufacturing enterprises for product production. The application of automation technology in the assembly system ensures the quality of the assembly and increases the production capacity of the product. After the product is debugged, the relevant quality standards are used to inspect the product, which can effectively complete the automated assembly work of the mechanical assembly. Case analysis design, designing the assembly modeling of mechanical manufacturing in the CAD environment, analyzing the components in the assembly device, and then building the OFRG assembly model, each point in the model can be used as an assembly part, the edge representation of the model The relationship between the assembled parts. In the design, the model information is dimensioned by the automated assembly technology, and then the parts are optimally arranged in the environment of CAD computer automation software technology, and then the dimensions and functions of the assembly parts are analyzed. Mechanical assembly is designed by automated techniques such as dimensional chain technology to achieve automated assembly of mechanical manufacturing. In the case summary, the automation technology can automatically assemble the equipment according to the standards set in the mechanical manufacturing production, so that the accuracy of the equipment assembly is improved, and the automation and intelligence of the assembly system can be realized in all aspects. In modern machine manufacturing, automation technology can completely replace traditional manual methods. The automated operation of the mechanical assembly guarantees the quality of the mechanical assembly. Moreover, the error of mechanical assembly is also reduced, and the degree of refinement of the produced product is improved.

3.2 Application in the intelligentization of mechanical manufacturing

In the modern machinery manufacturing industry, the production process is complicated, and the structural requirements of the components and materials used are relatively high. In the traditional mechanical manufacturing production, the quality of the product mainly depends on the experience of the workers' operation, so there will be inevitable errors, and the efficiency of the mechanical manufacturing production is greatly reduced. The automation and intelligence of mechanical manufacturing improve the quality of mechanical manufacturing products. In the process of mechanical manufacturing, the intelligent system is used to predict the problems that can exist in the mechanical manufacturing process, and the countermeasures are set in the system, so as to ensure that the intelligent system is used in time when problems occur. Make corrections. Case analysis design, intelligent design of disc spring processing in mechanical manufacturing, through computer programming, judge the part category, and then produce part category code through intelligent technology. The model of the modeled abrasive used in this case is CATIAV5, which establishes a decision tree for the classification of the disc spring parts in the zero-disc spring part coding system. The disc spring parts are analyzed by CATIA software to produce the disc spring category code, and the three-dimensional model of the disc spring is built and processed by intelligent technology. In the case summary, the intelligent technology can comprehensively monitor the process of mechanical manufacturing, and formulate the mechanical manufacturing production standard through the intelligent system, and the intelligent system can realize the detection of the production process and obtain the data result through calculation. Based on the data, the staff can master the entire dynamic process of production in a timely manner. The intelligent application of automation technology in machinery manufacturing improves the precision of machinery manufacturing and ensures the safety of the mechanical manufacturing process.

In the modern machinery manufacturing industry, the application of automation technology has promoted the rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry, improving the production efficiency of machinery manufacturing and the quality of products. The application of automation technology has realized the development of intelligent and integrated machinery manufacturing industry and guaranteed the sustainable development of machinery manufacturing enterprises.

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