Mechanical casting and casting enterprises fully implement energy conservation and emission reduction

Today, as a “sustainable development” strategy, foundry companies, as a large heavy industry enterprise, need to set an example in terms of “sustainability”.

The foundry is a heavy industry, and the exhaust gas emitted during its production has a great impact on the surrounding environment. After the foundry company made technical improvements to the production process, and then carried out deeper processing of the material processing, and through the improvement of the emission system, the pollution level of the exhaust gas emitted by our factory dropped and decreased, which greatly reduced the comparison. The impact of the surrounding environment.
Anhui Huafeng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the casting and machining of large mechanical parts in mining machinery, cement machinery, engineering machinery, forging machinery, tire molds and other industries. The largest single piece production capacity is 25 tons.

In addition to industrial waste gas, industrial water is also the focus of our development in recent years. Large industries will cause great waste of water resources, and the discharged industrial wastewater will also affect the surrounding water and soil environment. To this end, my casting and casting companies adopt cascaded water and recycled water. They can be used in other processes without deep treatment of water during use, achieving rational use of water and reducing water treatment. The land occupation problem can even reach zero discharge of wastewater. This method is the most economical and scientific water saving method.

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