Work remarks after the metal stamping parts are received

There are often some metal stamping factories that start to open the molds directly after taking orders, and the results continue to appear without the normal production. In fact, before production, we must rigorously and step by step to develop a detailed plan, in order to avoid various problems in the subsequent processing. The main tasks to be done when receiving an order for metal stamping parts are as follows:

I. Analysis of metal stamping parts drawings
After obtaining the drawings of the metal stamping parts given by the customer, it is necessary to confirm the quantity of the products and the specific dimensional tolerance requirements with the customer for the first time, and then determine which process to use for production, for example, some cylindrical shell stamping parts, when When the quantity required by the customer is relatively small, it can be produced by the process of plate coiling and welding to save the cost of stamping die. When the volume required by the customer is relatively large, the stamping and drawing process can be used to reduce the product cost.
After determining the production process, it is necessary to design a reasonable discharge method to minimize waste.

Second, the development of metal stamping parts processing program
After analyzing the drawings of metal stamping parts, it is necessary to formulate the overall processing plan. Some metal stamping products are not only realized by stamping process, but also include other processing techniques, such as riveting, welding, drilling, laser cutting. , tapping and so on. This requires the development of a sequence of various processing techniques.

Third, determine the number and dimensions of the processing steps
Most stamping parts require multiple processes to be processed. It is necessary to design a reasonable number of processes. The reduction in the number of processes means that the cost of the product is reduced. After determining the number of processing steps, it is necessary to understand the shape and size of the product after each process, and determine the size and shape of the product blank.

Fourth, the design of stamping die
When designing stamping dies, care must be taken to ensure operability and safety of the dies. The consumables are also designed to be detachable for future maintenance.

Fifth, choose the right punch

Calculate the required punching pressure according to the external dimensions and thickness of the metal stamping parts. Also, consider the size of the work surface of the punching machine to meet the size of the product.

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