Metal stamping parts processing requirements

Metal stamping parts are widely used in industry and in life. In the industry, it can be used for the overall stamping of the automotive industry. In life, it can be used for daily commodity stamping and home appliance stamping. Metal stamping parts are everywhere in our lives, and metal stamping parts are processed. Next, Deshengrui Machinery Hardware Stamping Factory will explain the requirements of metal stamping parts processing.
1. Chemical analysis and metallographic examination
Analyze the content of chemical elements in the material, determine the grade and uniformity of the grain size of the material, evaluate the grade of free cementite, banded structure and non-metallic inclusions in the material, and inspect the defects such as shrinkage and porosity of the material.
2, forming performance test
The material is subjected to a bending test and a cupping test, and the work hardening index n value and the plastic strain ratio r value of the material are measured, and the test method for the forming property of the steel sheet can be carried out according to the forming properties of the steel sheet and the test method.
3, material inspection
The materials processed by stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) metal strip materials. The raw materials of metal stamping parts should have quality certificates, which ensure that the materials meet the specified technical requirements. When there is no quality certificate or for other reasons, the metal stamping parts manufacturer can select the raw materials for re-inspection as needed.
4, hardness testing
The hardness of the metal stamping parts is measured by a Rockwell hardness tester. Small, complex-shaped stampings can be used to test small planes that cannot be tested on ordinary benchtop Rockwell hardness testers.
5, other performance requirements determination

Determination of the electromagnetic properties of materials and adhesion to coatings and coatings

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