Mold positioning pin what material

• Design of the locating pin
1. Can be designed as a whole. The advantage of the steps is that the height at which the pins extend can be ensured during installation.
2. The mounting hole on the base can be a blind hole or a stepped hole in the figure. There is no good or bad, just choose the most suitable hole type according to the processing method you envision. There is no special regulation on the size of the pin. Personal experience often chooses a little smaller than the mounting bolt of the part, so the balance of the figure is better.
• Introduction to the positioning pin
Locating pin, using the workpiece hole as the positioning reference, participating in the part that limits the degree of freedom of the object, controlling the linear motion of the article in the three axial directions of X, Y, and Z, and the six free movements of the rotary motion around X, Y, and Z degree. In a mold composed of two or more parts, a pin designed to accurately position two adjacent portions of the mold.
• Material of the locating pin

The positioning pin is generally made of 40Cr, 45, etc., and its heat treatment hardness is generally HRC45 (40-50).

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