How to deal with burrs in the processing of mechanical parts?

The burrs after machining mechanical parts are annoying. The presence of burrs not only reduces the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece, but also affects the performance of the product, and sometimes even causes accidents. For the problem of burrs generated, people usually use the deburring process to solve. Deburring is a non-productive process that not only increases product costs, but also prolongs the production cycle, and improper removal of burrs can result in the entire product being scrapped and economic losses. So how do you deal with the glitch problem?

In general, the burr cut in the cutting direction of the bottom edge has the characteristics of large size and difficulty in removal compared with other burrs. To this end, this paper takes the cutting edge burr in the cutting edge as the main research object. According to the difference in the size and shape of the cutting direction in the cutting edge of the end milling, it can be divided into the following three types: I type burr, large size, difficult to remove, high removal cost, type II burr, small size Can not remove or remove easily and type III burrs, ie negative burrs

The formation of burrs is a very complicated process of material deformation. Various factors such as workpiece material properties, geometry, surface treatment, tool geometry, tool cutting trajectory, tool wear, cutting parameters and coolant usage directly affect the formation of burrs. Block diagram of the factors affecting end mill burrs. Under specific milling conditions, the shape and size of the end mill burr depends on the combined effects of various influencing factors, but different factors have different effects on the formation of burrs.

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