Precautions for machining large and medium-sized parts!

When the large and medium-sized parts are machined, the relative production and processing methods must be applied to the production and processing of the mechanical parts, so that the appearance, specifications and characteristics of the parts can be in accordance with the relative specifications, including the initial processing and depth. Processing, assembly lines, testing and packaging, etc., to ensure that each production process, the finished product can be more standardized and effective, to ensure that it meets relevant specifications. So what should you pay attention to in the whole process of producing and processing large and medium-sized parts?

1. The machining of large and medium-sized parts is prohibited from starting the CNC lathe without the permission of the staff. The CNC lathe does not allow the speed control, cleaning or measuring area before starting, and does not allow the touch position, CNC lathe. If you find something dirty or cutting, do not use your hand to take it or blow it with your mouth.

2. Mechanical processing of large and medium-sized parts should be worn with protective equipment before work. It is forbidden to wear rubber gloves and bibs. Before starting the CNC lathe, it is necessary to understand the main purpose and operation steps of each rocker. Check whether the operation of the CNC lathe is in various positions. Everything is normal, the CNC blade and steel must be clamped with a wrench before starting the CNC lathe.

3, large and medium-sized parts machining at the time of work, if you find that the items are loose or the machine equipment is abnormal, you must park immediately, after the actual operation, you should clear the special tools and clean the CNC lathe The working environment eliminates the need to place CNC inserts, steel parts and other objects on the surface of the machine table.

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