The basic principle of ultra-precision machining technology

1. CNC single point diamond processing technology
CNC single point diamond machining technology is a kind of aspherical optical parts processing technology. It is an ultra-precision CNC lathe that uses natural single crystal diamond tools to machine aspherical optical parts using a single point turning of diamond tools under precise control of a specific processing environment. This technology is mainly used for optical parts of small and medium-sized infrared crystals and metal materials.
2, CNC grinding and polishing technology
The numerical control grinding and polishing technology is an optical part manufacturing technology in which the surface of the workpiece is processed into a desired surface shape by a numerically-precision machine tool, and then polished by a flexible polishing mold to make the workpiece meet the technical requirements. The principle of this technology is closest to the classical optical processing technology, mainly through the precise control of the machine tool to achieve precision machining of optical parts.
3. Optical lens molding technology

The optical lens molding technology puts the softened glass into a high-precision mold and directly molds the optical parts that meet the requirements of use under the conditions of warming, pressing and oxygen-free. It can be said that the popular application of optical lens molding technology is a major revolution in optical glass parts processing technology. This technology is of epoch-making significance for the cost reduction and output improvement of aspherical glass parts.

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