Quotation tips for metal stamping parts manufacturers

A good offer is often half the battle. However, the vast majority of metal stamping parts manufacturers clerk or boss offer are too casual. As a result, some potential customers are quietly lost and do not know. Regardless of the source of the customer, the first customer inquiry, the manufacturer of the metal stamping parts should pay attention to these problems.

First, you need to know yourself and understand the specific situation of the customer before the quotation.
Most of the salesmen are rushed to the quotation after receiving the customer's inquiry, looking at the drawings or handing the drawings to the engineer for accounting. The result obtained later is no, the stone sinks into the sea, there is no news, so the wife lost and lost. Some of these are price aspects, and some are because the quotation is too rash and lacks rigor, leaving the impression of irregularity and irregularity. Under normal circumstances, customers who really need it will ask your company's address, production capacity, equipment, etc. in advance, and even ask you to cooperate with those well-known companies, and have processed similar metal stamping. There are no such problems.

After seeing the drawings, you must carefully review them to see if there are any problems neglected in the design of the drawings. If there are any problems, you must submit them to the customer before the quotation. If you submit them after the quotation, you will feel that you are unprofessional or want to raise prices. , seriously affecting the progress of the follow-up.

For new products, you can ask the customer what effect, use and role in the product, and then combine their expertise to recommend more suitable materials or processing solutions.

Second, you must learn to choose, there is a set of customers who judge whether they really need it.
Some salesmen think that as long as there is an inquiry, regardless of the situation of the other party, they will seriously quote, so the chance of success is much greater. In fact, after receiving the inquiry, we must first distinguish whether this is a real customer, and avoid wasting your precious time in the peers or boring people. You can tell if you are a real customer by the following points:

1, look at the drawings
If the drawings are very unprofessional, even the basic tolerance levels, material requirements, drawing numbers, etc. are not marked. It is possible that the case is still in its infancy, and whether it will be implemented in the end is unknown, and the possibility of not relying on it is relatively large.

2. Ask the company name and contact information of the other party
If the other party does not tell you the company name and contact information, this inquiry must be noted. A big possibility is peer inquiry.

3, see the customer's concern for the factory
The real customers are more concerned about the actual situation of the factory, such as: how many punches, whether they can independently process stamping dies, whether they can be surface treated, etc.

There are a lot of customer inquiries, just want to see your quotation, and then ask your price for a few prices. For such customers, no matter what kind of price, it is very difficult to deal. For this kind of customer, it is recommended to let him go to other peers for consultation.

Third, the quotation must be on time.

Metal stamping parts are more complicated, so the quotation requires a comprehensive calculation by the mold master and the stamping master, so that the quotation takes a certain time. However, if you promise the customer's quotation time, you must do it. If you have not calculated the price at the time, you must inform the customer in advance and inform the new quotation time.

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