Several points to pay attention to in the processing of precision mold parts

1, reasonable choice of equipment. The processing of precision mold parts mainly cuts off most machining allowances and does not require high-precision mechanical parts processing, so roughing should be more powerful and high-precision machine tools, and the process is consistent with the use of a relatively high-precision machine. Roughing and finishing on different machines, you can take full advantage of the equipment's ability to extend the life of your precision machine.
2, in the precision mold parts processing process route, often arrange heat treatment process. The location is as follows: heat treatment process, metal to improve its cutting performance, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, generally arranged in the processing of mechanical parts. Eliminate internal stresses, such as aging treatments, adjustment treatments, such as general layout, after roughing, but at completion. In order to improve mechanical properties, such as carburizing and quenching, tempering is generally arranged in the machining of mechanical parts.

3, in order to ensure the precision of precision mold parts processing, rough and fine mechanical parts are processed from the best. Because when the rough mechanical parts are machined, the cutting amount is large, the cutting force, clamping force, heat of the workpiece, the machining surface of the mechanical parts have obvious work hardening phenomenon, the workpiece is in a large internal stress, and if rough, the rough mechanical parts are processed. After continuous, the accuracy of the part will soon be lost due to stress redistribution. Processing of mechanical parts for some high precision parts. After roughing and finishing, the low temperature annealing process should also be arranged or aging to eliminate internal stresses.

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