Detailed explanation of acceptance criteria for Sheet metal processing

Acceptance criteria reference:
1. The top and bottom surfaces of the panel have a parallelism of 0.5 mm and the side and bottom surfaces have a verticality of 0.5 mm.
2. The verticality of the front and rear or the left and right vertical surfaces of the cabinet relative to the bottom surface is 1mm.
3. After the panel is installed in the box, it should be vertical and straight, the side of which is perpendicular to the bottom of the box is 0.5mm, and the parallelism between the bottom and the bottom of the box is 0.5mm.
4. The flatness of the bottom and other sides of the box is 1mm.

5. Install the circuit board or the chassis frame, and use the tooling analog circuit board or chassis for assembly. The tool should be installed smoothly when loading and unloading the box. After loading the box, it should be properly stable and stable. No floating or loose phenomenon. . The hard-wired connector should be accurate and insert and pull out without abnormal block.

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