Sheet metal processing mold maintenance common sense?

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and dirt from the machine once a week. All electrical cabinets should be strictly protected from dust.
Second, every six months to check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine, found that the maintenance and commissioning is not normal.
Third, the guide rails should be cleaned frequently to eliminate dust and other debris, to ensure that the normal rack of equipment should be wiped regularly, add lubricating oil, to ensure lubrication and no debris. The guide rails should be cleaned and lubricated frequently, and the motor should be cleaned and lubricated frequently. The machine can move better during the process of travel, more accurate cutting, and the quality of the cut products will be improved. .
Fourth, Sheet metal processing often check the steel strip, must ensure that the tension.
5. The double focal length laser cutting head is a fragile item on the laser cutting machine, which causes damage to the laser cutting head due to long-term use. Regular inspections are required. If there is any deformation, the laser cutting head is a little damaged and needs to be replaced. Failure to replace will affect the quality of the cut and increase the cost. Some products may have to be processed twice to reduce production efficiency.

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