Sheet metal processing surface treatment precautions

The surface decoration of Sheet metal processing has been recognized by many industries for its decorative and protective effects on the surface of the product. In the Sheet metal processing industry, the surface treatment methods commonly used are electroplating, spraying, and other forms of surface treatment.
1. Electroplating is divided into: galvanizing (color zinc, white zinc, blue zinc, black zinc), nickel plating, chrome plating, etc.; mainly forming a protective layer on the surface of the material to protect and decorate;
2, spraying spray paint and powder spray two, after the material is pre-treated, spray the paint onto the surface of the Sheet metal workpiece with a spray gun, the paint forms a coating on the surface of the workpiece. After drying, it plays a protective role. ;

3, other ways of surface: anodizing, chromate, drawing, sandblasting, oxidation, etc.;
Sheet metal processing notes:
(1). Aluminium alloy castings cannot be anodized with sulfuric acid;
(2). Spot welded parts can be chemically treated, but cannot be electrochemically treated (including electroplating, anodizing);
(3). Parts with deep grooves or fine holes (generally referred to as depths greater than 2 times the diameter or opening width, but excellent processes may not be limited) will not completely cover the inner surface of the parts after plating.
4. All electrochemical treatments should be carried out under the condition of the part, because the chemical solution during the treatment will be trapped in the gap of the assembly and cause corrosion;

5. Thin and long tubular shapes (lengths greater than 2 times the diameter) are generally not suitable for electrochemical treatment because there will be no membrane layer on the inner surface; (special measures may be taken to meet the requirements)

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