Sheet metal stamping robots enhance corporate strength

The Sheet metal processing industry provides products with multi-variety, multi-batch, small batch, non-standard features and high precision. Therefore, it requires flexible production capability, process design capability and precision manufacturing capability in the manufacturing process. . Therefore, it is very necessary to build an automated production line to realize Sheet metal stamping automation, and it is also the key to let enterprises occupy a favorable competitive position in the Sheet metal market. Therefore, Sheet metal stamping robots have also developed rapidly in recent years.

With the rise of China's manufacturing industry, the Chinese Sheet metal and production industry has developed rapidly. At present, the whole industry has more than 30,000 enterprises (workshops), 2 million employees, and annual production of Sheet metal parts is about 42 million tons. The total sales volume is about 600 billion yuan. At present, the annual growth rate of China's Sheet metal processing industry is still at 11- Between 15%. However, in general, the Sheet metal processing industry started late, the industry scale is generally small, the production and technical personnel are scarce, it is difficult to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is not yet competitive with international multinational companies.

In the Sheet metal stamping processing workshop, the stamping manipulator, which can replace the stamper, is widely used in the production line. According to the on-site production evaluation, it is found that a stamping robot production line only needs two people to operate, and the top ten can be top. According to the calculation of six robots on a Sheet metal stamping production line, only about two people are required to operate, and if all are replaced by humans, 12 people are needed, so that the labor cost of 10 people can be saved. Through the automated Sheet metal stamping production line, we can control the products, ensure the customer's delivery time, maintain the good reputation of the company, improve the competitiveness of the company, and recover the cost of the capital. For the products made by your company, you can invest back in more than one year.

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