Reasons and solutions for stamping and stretching wrinkles

Factors affecting the wrinkling of stamping parts and solutions
(1) Adjust the size of the blanking force
When the wrinkles are uniformly generated around the workpiece, it should be judged that the pressing force is insufficient, and the pressing force is gradually increased to eliminate the wrinkles. When the cone and hemispherical members are stretched, most of the material is in a suspended state at the beginning of the stretching. It is easy to produce sidewall wrinkles, so in addition to increasing the blanking force, it should also be used to increase the radial tensile stress in the panel to eliminate wrinkles.

(2) Influence of stretching depth
There is a direct relationship between the material flow resistance along the die orifice distribution at the depth of the stretch. In the position of the concave and convex curves, excessive stretching depth can cause uneven distribution of deformation resistance, and wrinkles should be avoided.

(3) Radius influence of the radius of the die
The radius of the fillet of the die is too large, and the flow of the blank into the die through the die radius is the bending resistance that causes the bending deformation to be smaller. The smaller the bending resistance, the more likely it is to cause wrinkles. The greater the bending resistance of the concave die with small bending deformation, the less likely it is to wrinkle, but it is easy to cause cracking and pulling of the workpiece.

Through a large number of production practice and accumulation of experience, the main reason for the wrinkling of stamping parts is caused by the accumulation of materials during the stretching process and the excessive speed of local material movement. When formulating the actual solution, it should be considered from the above aspects to adjust the corresponding mechanism of the mold, which will achieve good results.

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