What are the structure and characteristics of stainless steel stampings?

Stainless steel stamping parts structure
1. The corners of the inner shape of the punching piece should be prevented as far as possible from the corners. The arc is excessively required to cause cracking due to overheating during processing.
2. The chipping and excessive wear at the sharp corners should be reduced during the technical production process.
3. The groove of the blanking part should be prevented from being too long.
4. The groove width of the material should meet the blanking conditions.
5. The distance between the hole margin of the blanking part and the hole distance should not be too small.
6. All the hole structure of the parts in the technical production must meet the requirements and should be suitable for punching.

Stainless steel stamping features:
(1) High yield point, high hardness, obvious cold work hardening effect, and easy to crack and other defects.
(2) The thermal conductivity is inferior to that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in a large deformation force, and a large punching force and deep drawing force.
(3) The plastic deformation is severely hardened during drawing, and the thin plate is easy to wrinkle or fall off.
(4) The drawing die is prone to sticking to the phenomenon of the joint, resulting in serious scratching of the outer diameter of the part.

(5) When drawing deep, it is difficult to achieve the desired shape.

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