Common problems in the production of metal stamping and drawing parts

1. Metal stamping tensile parts surface strain metal stamping tensile parts surface strain is due to improper material selection, low heat treatment hardness, poor finish, concave mold rounded corners, poor curved surface quality, excessive material thickness, process The choice of the program is unreasonable, lack of lubrication and other reasons.
2. The shape and size of the metal stamping tensile parts do not conform to the shape and size of the metal stamping tensile parts. The main reason is that the bullets and the positioning are not allowed. In addition to taking measures to reduce the rebound, the reliability of the blank positioning should also be improved. .
3. Metal stamping tensile parts bending crack
(1) When the angle between the bending line and the embossing direction of the sheet material does not conform to the specified layout, the bending line should be perpendicular to the embossing direction when unidirectional V-shaped bending; when bending in both directions, the bending line and the embossing direction are preferably 45. degree.
(2) The plastic material of the tensile member is poor.
(6) The quality of the sheared blank and the punched section are poor – burrs and cracks.
(4) Insufficient lubrication - high friction.
(3) The bending radius is too small, and the pickling quality is poor.
(5) The radius of the fillet of the convex and concave mold is worn or the gap is too small - the feed resistance is increased.
(7) The material thickness is seriously out of tolerance - difficulty in feeding

Solutions to problems with metal stamping and drawing parts:
1. The shape of metal stamping and drawing forming should be as simple and symmetrical as possible, and deep drawing as much as possible;
2. The bottom and the wall of the tensile member, the flange and the wall, and the corners of the corners of the rectangular member should be suitable;
3. Under the premise of ensuring the installation requirements, the side wall of the tensile member should have a certain inclination;
4. Parts that need to be stretched multiple times, under the premise of ensuring the necessary appearance quality, respond to the internal and external appearance of the traces that can occur during the stretching process;
5. The spacing between the edge of the hole or the side of the flange on the flange should be appropriate;

6. The scale marking of metal stamping and drawing parts cannot be marked together with the internal dimensions.

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