Development trend of stamping forming technology

Since the 1990s, high-tech has comprehensively promoted the transformation of traditional forming technology and the formation and development of advanced forming technology. The stamping technology of the 21st century will continue to develop at a faster rate, and the direction of development will highlight the demand for “fine, provincial and clean”.
(1) Pay attention to the whole process of product manufacturing and maximize the multi-objective global comprehensive optimization. The optimization will evolve from the traditional single forming process to the whole process of product manufacturing and the whole life cycle.
(2) Stamping forming technology will be more scientific, digital and controllable. Scientification is mainly reflected in the prediction and controllability of the forming process, product quality, cost and benefit. The numerical simulation technology of the forming process will be greatly developed in practical use and well integrated with the digital manufacturing system. Artificial intelligence technology and intelligent control will be developed from the formation of simple-shaped parts to the formation of complex-shaped parts such as covers, thus truly entering the practical stage.
(3) There will be great developments in the rapid analysis and evaluation of product manufacturability and forming processes. In order to make a rapid analysis and evaluation of the formability of the part and the required performance guarantee from the initial design or even the conception of the product.
(4) Pay attention to the development of composite forming technology. Advanced forming technology based on composite processes is not only developing from the manufacture of blanks to the direct manufacture of parts, but also from the manufacture of individual parts to the direct manufacture of structural integrity.
(5) Stamping technology will have greater flexibility or flexibility to adapt to the future development trend of small-volume multi-varietal mixed-flow production mode and market diversification and individualized demand, and strengthen the ability of enterprises to respond quickly to market changes.

China's Sheet metal processing industry must strengthen the unity of strength, strengthen the integration and integration of technology, and accelerate the process of transforming traditional technology from experience to science. Accelerate the cultivation of talents, enhance the ability of technological innovation, improve the overall quality of the stamping technical team and the competitiveness of production enterprises.

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