Stamping parts electroplated zinc

The galvanized surface of precision stampings is a bit blue-white and the gloss is not very bright. Play a decorative effect.

Zinc plating is to apply a layer of zinc metal of a few microns to a dozen microns on the surface of the plated part. It is an anodic coating for the iron base and has certain electrochemical protection. The galvanized parts have good rust resistance. Due to the electrochemical properties of zinc, it has a "sacrificial" protection effect on the steel matrix; while the corrosion product of the zinc layer in the atmosphere (basic zinc carbonate) is relatively dense, well adhered and insoluble in water, and has some protection to the zinc layer. effect. Therefore, galvanizing is widely used to protect steel and its parts from atmospheric corrosion, and is especially suitable for mass production of precision metal stamping parts.

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