Matters needing attention in stamping salt spray test

1. The test plate should not be placed on a straight track of the fog particles coming out of the nozzle.
2. The cover should be sealed and reliable, and should not leak or salt spray.
3. The test surface of each test plate faces upward, and the angle with the vertical line is 20o±5o. (Note: The placement angle of each test panel exposed to the salt spray test chamber is very important.) When there are different shapes of painted workpieces, the exposure method is agreed by the relevant parties. When conducting such tests, it is particularly important to place these differently shaped workpieces in their normal state. Under this requirement, the placement of the workpiece should be such as to avoid obstructing the flow of the airflow. If the workpiece interferes with the flow of air, other test panels and workpieces cannot be tested simultaneously. The extent of damage to the test panel coating varies with the orientation in which it is placed, and due consideration should be given.
4, the appearance of precision stamping parts coating should be smooth and even, uniform color, no fog, blistering, layering or scratches.

5. The arrangement of the test panels should not be in contact with each other or in contact with the cabinet. The surface to be tested should be exposed to the place where the salt spray can settle unimpeded.

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