What is the difference between rough cutting and fine cutting?

The most common machining methods used in the machining of precision parts are turning and milling parts. That is, some of our common precision parts are milling parts or turned parts, which can be collectively referred to as cutting parts, and cutting can be divided into "rough cutting". And "fine cutting", then what is the difference between rough cutting and fine cutting?

Because the workpiece requires a large amount of cutting, the rough cutting requires a larger cutting force than the finishing cutting. This requires the machine, the tool, and the workpiece to be matched, and the rough cutting is possible to quickly remove the allowance, and the effect is The surface properties afterwards should not be too rough.
Fine cutting is the surface performance of the workpiece, and the dimensional accuracy meets the requirements of the workpiece. Therefore, the tools required for fine cutting also need to be very sharp. Because the cutting amount is small, the measurement precision is very high.

After the workpiece has undergone rough cutting, the entire workpiece is actually very close to the appearance and size required by the workpiece itself, but at this time there is still a small margin on the surface of the workpiece for fine cutting, and the surface of the workpiece after finishing cutting is more Clean and the size will be more accurate.
Normally, the workpiece can achieve the desired appearance and size of the workpiece after one rough cut and one fine cut. However, not all workpieces are cut once, and some parts of some workpieces may need to be roughed several times. At the same time, there are some workpieces whose accuracy requirements are not too high or the amount of cutting is small. It is also possible to achieve the requirements of the workpiece only after one fine cutting.

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