The importance of the mold

In modern industrial production, molds are important process equipment for producing various products. It processes the raw materials into parts in a certain way in a specific shape. The use of mold forming methods to produce parts has the advantages of high quality, high efficiency, material saving, low cost, etc., especially in the industrial sectors such as machinery manufacturing, automobiles, household appliances, instrumentation, petrochemicals, light industrial products, etc.
According to statistics, parts made from molds account for 70% of mechanical and electrical products such as automobiles, airplanes, electrical appliances, instruments and meters; more than 80% of electronic products such as televisions, tape recorders, computers; in watches, washing machines, refrigerators More than 85% of light industrial products. After decades of development, China's total stamping die ranks third in the world, and processing technology and equipment have basically synchronized with the world's advanced level. Large, complex, precision stamping die represented by automotive covers. Using CAD/CAM/CAE software for 3D design and simulation, it is produced by high-speed and precise processing equipment, and replaces traditional manual grinding and polishing with new grinding or polishing to improve the quality of the mold. These all represent the trend of stamping die development.
From the start to the present, China's plastic mold industry has experienced great development and the mold level has been greatly improved after more than half a century. In the large mold, it has been able to produce large-screen color TV plastic injection molds, large-capacity washing machines, complete plastic molds, and plastic molds such as automobile bumpers and integral instrument panels. In terms of precision plastic molds, it has been able to produce camera plastic parts and molds. Modular gear molds and plastic molds. After years of hard work, significant progress has been made in mold CAD/CAE/CAM technology, mold electrical machining and CNC machining technology, rapid prototyping and rapid molding technology, and new mold materials; improving mold quality and shortening mold design and manufacturing. The cycle and other aspects have contributed. In the 21st century, under the new situation of economic globalization, with the re-integration of capital, technology and labor market, China's equipment manufacturing industry will become the base of equipment manufacturing industry in the world after joining the WTO. In modern manufacturing, no matter which engineering equipment is used, more and more products are provided by the mold industry. In order to meet the user's urgent requirements for high precision, short delivery time and low cost of mold manufacturing.

Now with the development of the industry, the variety and quantity of industrial products are increasing; the requirements for product quality and appearance are becoming more and more beautiful. Since each pair of molds is a special tool for the production of specific product parts, the mold design changes with the shape, size and accuracy of the industrial product parts, surface quality requirements and molding process conditions. Therefore, each mold must be creatively designed, and the mold forming process is commonly used in industrial production to improve product productivity and quality. General press machining, a common press design can produce parts to dozens of parts per minute, high-speed press productivity has reached hundreds or even thousands of pieces per minute. It can be seen that the decisive role and important position of the mold as a special process equipment in production has gradually become common.

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