What process performance is required for precision stamping dies?

Precision stamping die is an indispensable process equipment in stamping processing. The die is related to the quality of precision stamping parts. Therefore, it has high requirements for the manufacture of molds, in order to ensure the manufacturing quality of the molds and reduce the production cost. Mold making materials should have the following process properties:

Forgeability: Low hot forging deformation resistance, good plasticity of stamping parts, wide forging temperature range, low tendency for forging cracking and precipitation of reticulated carbides.

Machinability: Large cutting amount, low tool loss, and low surface roughness.

Annealing processability: The spheroidizing annealing temperature range is wide, the annealing hardness is low, the fluctuation range is small, and the spheroidization rate is high.

Hardenability: Uniform and high surface hardness after quenching.

Hardenability: After quenching, a deep hardened layer can be obtained, which can be hardened with a mild quenching medium.
Grindability: The relative loss of the grinding wheel is small, the amount of grinding without the limit of grinding is large, and it is not sensitive to the quality of the grinding wheel and the cooling conditions, and no grinding and grinding of the precision stamping die crack occurs.

Oxidation and decarburization sensitivity: The anti-oxidation energy is good when heated at high temperature, the decarburization speed is slow, and it is not sensitive to the heating medium, and the tendency to produce pitting is small.

Mold manufacturing generally has to undergo several processes such as forging, cutting, heat treatment, etc. It is difficult to process, requires high manufacturing materials, and should have good processing performance to ensure that there are no process defects in the manufacturing process of precision metal stamping die. ,stable quality.

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