The role of precision stamping parts gold alloy

Deshengrui Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the processing of precision stamping parts. It mainly processes lead frames, non-standard precision shrapnel, terminal stamping, precision electronic hardware components and so on. In the precision stamping industry, we continue to accumulate experience; specializing in technology, the technology of complex hardware to overcome and reduce the manufacturing cost of production hardware. Win the recognition of major brands.
In order to prevent oxidation of precision stamping parts, reduce contact resistance, increase solderability, and increase wear resistance, workpieces are generally plated. Different plating layers have different effects on the workpiece. The following is a small introduction to the role of gold alloy plating:
Gold alloy has a very high corrosion resistance; it has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and the resistance is also slightly improved. It has various catalytic properties in gold alloys; it has good processability. Gold is easily plated onto other metal surfaces; precision metal stampings are easily welded and forged under certain pressure.

Gold alloys are widely used in instrumentation manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, medical applications and other industries.

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