Tungsten steel parts processing should pay attention to the following points

1) Grinding of tungsten steel fittings shall ensure that the workpiece is evenly contacted with all surfaces of the lap. This allows the surface of the lap to be uniformly loaded and uniformly worn, and the surface precision of the lap itself can be maintained for a long time.
2) Grinding of tungsten steel fittings should make the movement track change direction regularly and avoid premature repetition. In this way, the numerous cutting strip marks on the surface of the workpiece can be regularly interlaced and offset, that is, the smoother the grinding, so as to improve the surface quality of the workpiece.
3) Tungsten steel fittings The drawing of the tube mold should ensure that the workpiece is uniformly ground, that is, the grinding amount of each point on the surface of the workpiece to be ground should be the same. This is important to ensure the geometric accuracy and dimensional uniformity of the workpiece.
4) The grinding process of tungsten steel fittings should be based on different grinding process requirements, and the optimal moving speed should be selected. When grinding slender large-sized workpieces, low-speed grinding is required. When grinding small-sized or low-precision workpieces, speed or high-speed grinding is selected to improve production efficiency.

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