Turning and milling composite CNC machining implements a humanized operation mode

The turning and milling composite CNC machining head set is a heavy-duty box structure. Internal rib reinforcement, high rigidity, spindle mechanism using pneumatic mechanism, the spindle is evenly stressed when the knife is used, prolonging the bearing life, the electrical box is isolated, the heat source part of the controller is separated, and the heat exchanger is used for heat dissipation. To prevent external dust from entering the electrical box; use the fan on the rear side to dissipate heat from the fan.
The two-axis turning and milling CNC machining adopts high-precision ball screw, combined with precision nut pre-pressing and tail pre-tensioning device to ensure that the backlash and thermal deformation of the machine are kept at a low value for a long time. All finished products are corrected by laser positioning. The round test ensures that the positioning accuracy and servo characteristics are controlled and the machine is subjected to strict inspection measures before shipment to ensure that the precision of the machine is stable for a long time. Turning and milling composite CNC machining is a new type of multi-functional, high-precision, rate composite machining machine. This kind of machine tool has a wide range of applications, advanced technology, production and processing of precision machine tools, widely used in military, aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear power, high-speed railway and other fields.
Turning and milling CNC machining not only has the functions of general CNC vertical lathe, but can complete all the processes except the bottom surface in one clamping, including all processes such as turning, milling, boring, drilling, boring and tapping. The upper double-swing milling head can process more complex surfaces such as blades and more complex surfaces. The beam has a grading and positioning function, the ram is driven by a high-precision ball screw, and the machine is equipped with an automatic turning and milling composite tool magazine. The magazine station is optional from 12-20.
The CNC machining of turning and milling uses servo motor and servo drive. All castings are made of gray cast iron (sleeve is ductile iron) by artificial heat aging treatment, high quality processing and perfect assembly process, all electrical parts, bearings and key parts. Hydraulic components are selected from international manufacturers. Turning and milling composite CNC machining reduces floor space, reduces production costs, compact and beautiful shape design, improves space utilization, and makes maintenance and repair more convenient for customers to be satisfied.

Although the price of single-turn CNC milling is relatively high, the overall fixed assets can be effectively reduced due to the shortening of the manufacturing process chain and the reduction of equipment required, as well as the reduction in the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and equipment maintenance costs. The cost of investment, production operations and management.

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