Mechanical Knowledge

Want an interesting workpiece? So easy!

1. Christmas tree (turning process)---Machining Christmas tree with CNC lathe

With just a little skill, you can easily use a CNC lathe to make a unique Christmas tree. The threaded hole on the top can be connected to a key ring or hook so that it can be hung on the Christmas tree as an ornament.

Christmas tree

2. Beacon (turning process)---the navigation mark on your desk

The lighthouse indicates important directions and dangerous areas for people navigating at sea, and is the coordinate of the course. However, in BNW Lüneburg, Germany, the lighthouse allows us to easily enter the world of Sinumerik CNC programming. In the basic CNC turning course, a lighthouse is used as an example workpiece to demonstrate how to use Sinumerik Operate for efficient programming.


3. Berlin TV Tower (CNC process)---small stature, big winner

"Going straight to the sky" is a work piece processed by the trainees of Berlin SPE. Their passion has been rewarded. With this artifact, the trainees won the CNC4you internal competition and received cash prizes or free admission tickets to the German First Division Football League. Now you can also craft this TV tower and bring home the landmarks of Berlin.

Berlin TV Tower

4. Coordinate Cube (CNC process) --- precise rotation

"Accurately know the requirements." Finally, it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of effort to determine the coordinate axis and the direction of rotation. The coordinate cube is processed from one piece of material. The coordinate axis can be marked separately or engraved directly on the milling machine. This cube is a very comprehensive example to demonstrate the basic operation of the CYCLE800 rotation cycle.

Coordinate Cube

5. Candle holder (turning process) --- Let romance shine into life

The candlestick consists of two parts: the base made by milling and the candlestick made by turning. You can design the base according to your own preferences. Further suggestions can be found in the workpiece manufacturing instructions. The candle holder can also be personalized with lettering, such as engraving a love proverb on the back.


6. Bowling pin (turning process) --- "Strike-One hit!"

The bowling pin-shaped trophy consists of two parts: the bottle body that is turned and the base is milled. This artifact is not only a decoration, but also a prize for a bowling game.

Bowling pins

7. Walnut tongs (turning process)---peel walnuts!

"Peel the walnuts with SINUMERIK?"-With Christmas walnut tongs and SINUMERIK expertise, this will no longer be a problem. The walnut tongs consist of two turned parts: a bell-shaped chassis and a handle. The contour of the part is created directly in ShopTurn with a geometric data processor, and then processed using a cutting cycle.

Walnut tongs

8. Chess pieces (turning process) --- Chess game

Chess is the most popular table game in Europe. To complete chess piece processing alone requires two conditions: mechanical processing expertise and strategic thinking of the entire processing process. ShopTurn can complete turning and milling of chess pieces in a single clamping. The outline of the chess piece is created in the outline editor.

Chess pieces

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