What are the categories of precision machining?

There are many categories of precision machining, so what are the categories of precision machining? The following small series for everyone to introduce!

Category I, special processing
This type of processing is very high in accuracy requirements. It is generally calculated in nanometers or even atoms. It is more suitable for processing methods where the cutting process cannot meet the production requirements, for example, in chemical energy, electric energy, etc. On the one hand, if you want to combine these energies to achieve the removal of atomic adhesion or lattice deformation, then you must use special processing methods at this time, so in the precision machining method, this processing The method is also used more, but because the requirements are very high, it is necessary to choose the kind of ultra-precision processing equipment to complete the processing work.

Category 2, cutting processing

This processing method includes grinding, precision turning and mirror grinding. It is ground by relatively precise window. The thickness of the cutting is very low, generally about one micron, mainly used for spherical or aspherical surfaces. The high-precision and surface-finished parts are processed. The main processing materials are some non-ferrous materials. The parts processed in this way are very powerful in terms of precision and finish.

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