What is casting? What is casting process?

Introduction of the casting smelting process

1) According to the alloy grade specified in the technical requirements of castings, the chemical composition range of the alloy can be found, and the chemical composition is selected from the casting.
2) According to the burning rate and composition requirements of the elements, the batching calculation is carried out, and the amount of various charging materials is obtained, and the charging material is selected. If the charge is contaminated, it needs to be treated to ensure that all the charge is clean, free of rust, and preheated before feeding;
3) Inspect and prepare utensils, paint and preheat to prevent contamination of gases, inclusions and harmful elements;
4) Feeding. The general feeding sequence is: returning charge, intermediate alloy and metal material, low melting point oxidizable metal material, such as magnesium, added after melting of the charge;
5) In order to reduce the inhalation and oxidation pollution of the alloy liquid, it should be melted as soon as possible to prevent overheating. If necessary, some alloy liquids must be protected with a covering agent;
6) After the furnace material is melted, refining treatment is performed to purify the alloy liquid, and the refining effect is checked;
7) Perform metamorphic treatment and subdivision tissue processing as needed to improve performance and verify treatment effects;
8) Adjust the temperature and carry out the pouring. Some alloys are agitated before casting to prevent specific gravity segregation.
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