What is the grain of a new casting factory?

The specific practice of the casting factory is to install a negative pressure fan on the wall on the side of the casting machine casting workshop, and install a cooling curtain wall on the opposite wall window to form a fan wet curtain cooling system. The negative pressure fan is responsible for pumping high temperature and hot air discharge. Outside the workshop, the cooling curtain wall is responsible for the secondary filtration and cooling of the air entering the workshop, so that the lower temperature air is added to the workshop to cool down.

The casting factory is installed with a negative pressure fan to enhance the air circulation and reduce the high temperature and sultry heat in the workshop. The specific method is to install a negative pressure fan on the wall window of the foundry, quickly pumping the hot and humid air in the workshop to the outside of the workshop, creating a negative pressure in the workshop, forcing fresh air outside the workshop to flow into the workshop and convective exchange of hot and humid air. In the process of reciprocating air convection exchange, the air circulation speed in the workshop is improved, and the hot and sultry phenomenon in the workshop is reduced.

You may not believe that the casting factory that invested tens of millions of dollars did not even have an experienced technician. The furnace is a new move, and the molding line operator is a new move. In-plant management is a number of shareholders. A factory does not even have a real understanding of the casting process and equipment.

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