What model is used for forging aluminum?forging

Forging production plays an important role in the industrial industry. Aluminum alloy is also commonly used in forging. Any forgings that can be forged with low carbon steel can be forged by aluminum alloy.
Aluminum alloy forging: It can be forged on a variety of forging equipment such as forging hammer, mechanical press, hydraulic press, forging machine, reaming machine, etc. It can be free forging, die forging, rolling forging, upsetting, roll forging and reaming. Generally speaking, aluminum forgings with small size, simple shape and unsatisfactory deviation can be easily forged on the hammer, but for aluminum forgings with large specifications and requiring severe deformation, water (liquid) presses should be used. forging.
1The density is small, the density of aluminum alloy is only 34% of Steel Forgings and 30% of copper forgings, which is an ideal material for lightweighting;
2 It has large specific strength, large specific stiffness, large specific modulus of elasticity and high fatigue strength. It should be used for key parts with high requirements for lightweighting, and its comprehensive performance is much higher than other materials;
3 The internal organization is fine, uniform and defect-free, and its reliability is much higher than that of aluminum alloy castings and die-casting parts, and higher than other material castings;
4 Aluminum alloy has good plasticity and can be processed into high-precision forgings with various shapes and complex shapes. The machining allowance is small, only about 20% of the processing allowance of aluminum alloy tensile thick plates, which greatly saves man-hours and costs;
5 aluminum forgings have good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and non-magnetic, which is unmatched by Steel Forgings;

6 The surface is smooth and beautiful, the surface treatment performance is good, beautiful and durable. It can be seen that aluminum forgings have a series of excellent features, which provide good conditions for aluminum forgings instead of steel, copper, magnesium, wood and plastic.

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