Why do die forgings have a slope, rounded corners and punched skin?

Slope: easy to remove forgings from the mold;
Fillet: Increase the strength of the forging, so that the metal is easy to fill the mold during forging, avoid cracks at the inner corner of the forging die, slow the wear at the outer corner of the forging die, and thus improve the service life of the forging die.
Punching and skinning: In die forging, the through hole on the die forging can not be directly forged, and can only be forged into a blind hole, and a metal layer with a certain thickness is left in the middle, which is called punching and skinning. A thin layer of metal is prepared in the hole of the forging for preparation for flushing. The through hole on the forging piece cannot be penetrated due to the fact that the concave and convex mold cannot be completely abutted when hammering, and a certain thickness of the continuous skin must be left in the hole, like the flash edge left at the parting surface of the forging piece. The thickness s of the skin should be kept properly. If it is too thin, it is easy to forge and the impact force is too large; too thick punching is difficult and the forging is easily deformed. When designing forgings with internal bores, the shape and size of the skin must be properly selected. In general, when the pore diameter is larger than 30 mm, it is necessary to consider the perforation and skin. Depending on the ratio of the depth to the diameter of the cavity portion, different types of skins can be made. The types of leather include flat-bottomed leather, slant-bottomed skin, arch-bottomed skin, belted skin and embossed.

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