Technical problems of electroplating process of zinc alloy Die castings

A batch of zinc alloy faucet pressure castings need to be electroplated into copper. After polishing, the color is always different from copper, but the color plating is like gold, and the color of the plating cannot be repeated several times. Will it fade black? Is there any way to solve the similar or similar copper color, and the problem of discoloring black after plating?
Poor plating can be caused by the plating process and the surface quality of the stamped casting.
Pressure castings should ensure good surface quality, and there should be no looseness, cracks, pores, bubbles, shrinkage holes, cold lines, pinholes, etc., otherwise the surface of the electroplated castings is easy to foam, electroplating and matrix separation.
When grinding and polishing before plating, be careful not to over-grind.
Due to the solidification process, the surface forms a dense cold and hard layer due to rapid cooling, and internal tissues may have defects such as pores and shrinkage.
Do not wear off this good surface when grinding. Otherwise, spots, bubbles, etc. will appear during plating. In addition, the polishing wheel should not be pressed too hot to prevent adhesion of the abrasive to the product, resulting in poor plating of the product.
Zinc is easily oxidized and forms an oxide film on the surface for a long time, which affects performance.

Therefore, in order to remove the oxide film and have a reducing substance, the surface oxide film can be neutralized with an acidic (e.g., hydrochloric acid) solution.

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