Casting factory testing casting surface and near surface defects

The castings of castings are metal-molded articles obtained by various casting methods, that is the smelted liquid metal is injected into the pre-prepared mold by pouring, injecting, inhaling or other casting methods, and then subjected to subsequent processing such as grinding after cooling. After the means, the obtained object with certain shape, size and performance
Casting factory. Every mechanical equipment must have facilities to remove dust and toxic and harmful gases, and it is required to be in good condition. The casting machinery requires a solid foundation without cracks, and the anchor bolts are firm and reliable.

The casting machinery control system of the casting factory is clear and sensitive. It is required that the control system is installed in a reasonable position for easy operation and maintenance. At the same time, various instruments, indicators and operation buttons in the system are required to be set up clearly, clearly, clearly, sensitively and effectively. The guard is safe and reliable. In addition to the general equipment installation protection, the exposed transmission part of the casting machinery equipment also requires a protective device to prevent the diffusion of volatile raw materials and a protective material for the apron-type metal baffle to prevent the falling sand and the object from falling. All the protective devices must be effective.

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