How to choose the right tool when processing aluminum

Due to the special characteristics of aluminum, no matter what kind of machine tool is used, it is often unsatisfactory in terms of efficiency, life and gloss of the workpiece. Therefore, how to choose the right tool and processing technology when processing aluminum has become a concern of everyone.
Let us first understand the processing characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloy: aluminum has low strength, low hardness and large plasticity, and is suitable for plastic forming processing. However, the deformation strengthening tendency is large when cutting, and it is easy to stick a knife, and it is difficult to process a smooth surface. The strength and hardness of the aluminum alloy are much higher than that of pure aluminum, but the strength and hardness are lower than that of the steel, the cutting force is small, and the thermal conductivity is good.

Because the aluminum alloy is soft and plastic, it is easy to stick to the knife during cutting, and the built-up edge is formed on the tool. At high speed cutting, the welding phenomenon may occur on the cutting edge, which causes the tool to lose the cutting ability and affect the machining precision and surface roughness. . In addition, the aluminum alloy has a large thermal expansion coefficient, and the cutting heat easily causes thermal deformation of the workpiece, thereby reducing the processing precision.

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