Raw materials, energy consumption, and people's future focus

Water cutting, also known as waterjet cutting, is a machine that uses high-pressure water to cut. The workpiece can be arbitrarily carved under the control of the computer and is less affected by the texture of the material. Because of its low cost, easy operation, and high yield, water cutting is becoming an industrial cutting

The mainstream cutting method in technology. Compared with other cutting methods, the water cutting machine has the structure of saving material, no heat effect and no change of material; the cutting end face is good, the secondary processing is reduced, and the programming cutting can be performed quickly. At the same time, most materials can be cut without limitations.

At the end of the 20th century, water cutting technology was introduced into China, and the current application is still mainly focused on cutting non-metal cutting fields such as stone and glass. Compared with foreign advanced application technology, the application of cutting metal, composite materials, carbon fiber, and other high added value is still relatively small. However, with the development of technology, the improvement of product stability and the overall precision and efficiency of machine tools, it is believed that water cutting machines will be more and more used in high value-added industries in China.

Baichao's water cutting machine with high stability and high efficiency

And high precision

Said. The water cutting of Baichao can be extended from 3mx1.5m to 3mx 16m from the workbench; the working pressure can be from the traditional 3800bar to 6200bar ultra-high pressure. Bachao brings a variety of solutions to customers. For example, from 2D cutting to 3D cutting; from single cutting heads to up to 4 cutting heads. At the same time, optional pre-drilling work for composite materials; injection molding for glass cutting; and automatic partitioning for large tabletops. These are all aimed at providing customers with high stability, high efficiency, and high precision.

The Bachao water cutting machine is proud of all the core technologies developed by Bachao. The high-voltage system, drive system, control system and software operation are all self-owned technologies.

Surgery. Satisfied from the beginning of the machine design

Multi-faceted compatibility matching, great convenience in maintenance and training. Moreover, Baichao's control and software system is the most convenient and most powerful application in the industry, bringing great operability to customers, saving customers raw material and energy consumption, reducing non-production downtime and Reduce the requirements for the ability of employees. Bachao has three sales and service areas in the country and has a complete spare parts warehouse to provide customers with protection.

The development of China's water cutting machine in the future will be improved from raw materials, energy consumption and people. Focus on the application of raw materials, precision and cutting process requirements through technology; focus on reducing energy consumption, safe emissions; simple operation, maintenance and application, and reduce the demand for people. These will put forward higher requirements for the stability, efficiency, and accuracy of the machine tool as a whole.

On the whole, domestic water cutting development is still in its infancy, and the widely used and recognized market is only in the stone processing industry, as well as rough processing applications of aluminum, titanium and other materials. These areas are generally made of domestic equipment with low precision and slow speed. In the international market, water-cutting machines are generally used to directly process low-precision parts or to perform high-definition parts. However, the recognition of such applications in China is relatively low and applications are few. The overall situation of the domestic water cutting market lags behind that of Europe and the United States. It can be described as such: water cutting is also a non-mainstream technology in China. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly because the market demand for high-demand workpieces is small, and the processing efficiency is not high. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of these requirements and the increase in labor and raw material costs, the demand for water-cutting equipment in the domestic market has begun to appear, and the development speed has also accelerated.

Domestic users often compare water cutting with laser processing, wire cutting and other technologies. For water cutting, its advantages can be reflected in several aspects. (1) Water cutting is a cold-cutting affected zone, and the process does not produce heat-cutting similar to laser processing without changing the material properties. (2) Water cutting is very adaptable to materials. The general processing method has certain limitations on the processing of certain materials. For example, wire cutting cannot process non-conductive materials. The water-cutting laser does not have the limitation that the reflective material cannot be processed. With the increasing variety of materials on the market, it is a problem that many companies must face in order to process them smoothly and maintain their characteristics after processing. Water cutting is the best choice to solve these problems. (3) The efficiency of water cutting is relatively fast, and its advantages are mainly reflected in the processing of medium-thickness concrete.

At present, OMAX can provide users with two series of water-cutting machines, MAXIEM and OMAX. Among them, the original design concept of the Mai Xun series is specially developed for the needs of the Chinese market, minus the relatively expensive and low-use functions, retaining the core technology, greatly increasing the price, and fully satisfying the Chinese customers. Usage requirements. Now, this series of products is not only limited to sales in China but also sold to other markets around the world. Its OMAX Aomar series is aimed at the high-end and mid-end markets. Divided by product type, OMAX currently offers 3-axis, 5-axis and exclusive 6-axis waterjets. OMAX has the world's leading water-cutting technology, which not only provides a complete set of water-cutting system solutions, but also attaches great importance to the research and development of products, and invests more than three-thirds of the annual revenue. In the domestic water cutting industry, the overall level of after-sales service is low, the imported equipment supplier service response time is long, and the price is high. OMAX has technical service personnel in 13 offices in China, and the standing stock of most parts. , the best efforts to provide users with better quality, more localized services.

Through the good sales performance of OMAX in the Chinese market in recent years, we can know that the domestic water cutting market will develop rapidly in the future, especially in the aerospace, rail transit, machinery manufacturing, and military industries. And some advanced water cutting application technology will also get more applications. For example, the processing methods used in combination with water cutting and wire cutting machines that are very popular abroad are currently used. The waterjet cutter is first used to cut the part into a rough shape and then finished using a wire-cutting machine. Compared with the wire cutting machine or the gold cutting machine alone, this form can greatly improve the processing efficiency and reduce the processing cost. In addition, the combination of water cutting machines and robots has been applied very maturely in the automotive interior parts processing industry, and will continue to develop in the future and will become a development trend.

Although the development prospects are bright, as a member of the water cutting field, OMAX also felt a bit of worry. Relative to the foreign development environment, the development of domestic water cutting lacks industry, and the enterprises are fighting each other, focusing on product sales, rather than the promotion and popularization of technology. Therefore, it is impossible to form high recognition in domestic enterprises, which will also become obstacles to the development of China's water cutting industry in the future. OMAX hopes that through its own actions, water cutting can get its place, and calls on water cutting companies to join hands to work together for the development of China's water cutting industry

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