How to export the export of metal stamping products?

The domestic stamping industry is constantly catching up with the world's advanced level, but there are still technical gaps with the advanced countries in the first line. How can China's hardware stamping products go out and export to industrially developed countries and regions.
(2) Make full use of Internet technology to build a foreign trade platform for professional hardware stamping products. At present, China's metal stamping parts industry should make full use of Internet technology to build a professional foreign trade platform for metal stamping products. The platform construction should be organized by the heads of industry associations, and the companies actively participate. The platform should include real-time transaction price movements, chat and order transactions, and the platform should also build a professional logistics system. Specialized organizations are selected by industry associations to manage related businesses. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce the cooperation of manufacturers, international data lines and other transactions to facilitate the parties to the transaction. In addition, an experience exchange column should be set up on the platform, and the relevant factories can exchange experiences with each other. Therefore, with the rapid development of advanced Internet information technology, metal stamping products manufacturing companies should continue to promote the construction of export trading platforms, thereby promoting export facilitation.
(1) Enhance the technology of hardware stamping products industry and expand the international market share. Domestic metal stamping products companies basically manufacture products according to customers' needs, but they are often lack of creativity and development, which makes it impossible to meet the technical production requirements of foreign metal stamping products, and it is difficult to obtain quality improvement. The development of leading technology products will help the international market share of metal stamping products. Relevant factories should actively innovate and develop new technology metal stamping parts, which will promote the production of metal stamping parts in China and promote the export volume.

(3) The industry association shall formulate foreign trade group standards and seize the right to speak of quality. The Metal Stamping Products Association should, in light of the actual situation of foreign trade in recent years, formulate targeted foreign trade group standards. In the development of group standards, industry associations with legal person qualifications take the lead, market-oriented, and encourage industry leading factories to share their excellent technical indicators, in this way to develop the industry's most advanced indicators. After the implementation of the group standards, the quality of foreign trade products is effectively guaranteed, and the metal stamping parts industry can seize the right to speak in the industry, thus driving the foreign trade market of metal stamping parts products in China. Moreover, the standard system of foreign trade groups can avoid blind competition and vicious competition among enterprises, and industry associations can handle market competition in a standardized and orderly manner.

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